Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 30min £30
Incorporating different types of pressure and flowing movements to release muscle tension, relieve pain and reduce stress leaving your body relaxed and renewed

Full Body Massage 1hr £46
Improving circulation encouraging tense and tired muscles to relax allowing your mind and body to dift away into pure bliss

De-Stressor 45min £41

Powerful pre-blend oils aid the deep relaxation of muscles in the back, neck and shoulders, complete with a pressure point massage on the scalp and face to re-fresh the mind and body. Perfect for busy lifestyle

Deep Tissue Massage 45min £41
Incorporating a G5 massage gun on target areas to break down and disperse tension, knots and boost circulation, relieving aches and pains whilst promoting relaxation. Including a back, neck and scalp massage.


Warming Aroma Back Massage 30 Minutes £37
Enjoy a back, neck and shoulder massage with light to medium pressure designed to nourish and hydrate the skin. A special candle is burned to release the fresh and soothing scent of fruitful fig oil which is gently poured over the back to produce a warm, smooth massage to melt away tension and awaken the senses 

Hot Stone Back Massage 30min £37
Hot Stone Full Body Massage 1hr £52
A deeply relaxing treatment to ease tired muscles. The warmth from the hot stones promotes a deeper muscle relaxation, combining the stones with a customised massage allows the body to fully relax having a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and encourage deep sense of calm

Bamboo Back Massage 30min £37   
Bamboo Full Body Massage 1hr £52

A luxurious treatment using warm Bamboo canes to promote relief of stress through deep massage. This specialised massage releases muscle tension, improves circulation and aids the body in relaxation and detoxification, leaving the body feeling a sense of inner well-being

*Add A 10min Scalp Massage To Any Facial  Or Body Treatment For Just £5*

Ear Candling 1hr £40
A non-invasive relaxing treatment using ear candles which use heat to gently soften wax in the ears offering relief from many conditions associated with ears, nose and throat area. Incorporating a facial, neck and shoulder pressure point massage to promote and encourage the removal of wax and impurities

Full Body Exfoliation 45min £32

Back Exfoliation 25min £20
Using 100% Dead Sea Salts to stimulate, regenerate and improve the skins appearance leaving the skin deeply nourished, smoothed and hydrated. A perfect treatment on it's own or before a massage treatment

**Please consider any health/skin conditions before making an appointment,if you require any advice prior to an appointment please contact us or seek advice from your GP**