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Long Lashes

LVL Lash Lift

1 Hour £49

No need for mascara, a lovely way to give Length, Volume and Lift to your very own lashes!
Treatment includes: Lift, tint of both top and bottom lashes, along with a complimentary hand and arm massage
(Patch test is required, please email to book patch test)

Brow Lamination

1 Hour £42

Creating full fluffy brows, your own bespoke brows that stay in place for up to 8 weeks! 
(Patch test is required, please email to book patch test)

Double The Impact

1 Hour 30 Minute £72

LVL Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Duo

Henna Brow

30 Minute £33

Including brow mapping, henna, wax, trim, shape and define. 
A longer lasting brow treatment, benefit from brows that last without having to make the leap straight to semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. Benefits of henna : staining the skin as well as brow hair stays on the skin up to 14 days dyes brow hair for up to 5 to 6 weeks
(Patch test is required, please email to book patch test)

Brow Define

20 Minute £27

The eyebrow package that will give you instant, flawless brows enhancing your best features with a little help from just a few steps: Tint, wax, trim, shape and define. Perfect for even the most unruly brows to the finest of brows they all need a little help from time to time!
(Patch test is required, please email to book patch test)

Phi Brow Microblading

Initial Microblading Treatment £250

Including a complimentary consultation and patch test, initial treatment, one top up up 4 - 6 weeks after initial treatment and all the information you will need for the aftercare following your treatment to help with the healing process of your new brows

Yearly Microblading Top Up £120

Including full aftercare and information to help your fresh brows through the healing process

Eyelash Tint


Eyebrow Tint




Inc: Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint & Eyebrow Tidy

*Please note all LVL Lash Lifts, Brow Laminations, Eyelash or Eyebrow tints will require a patch test*

**Please consider any health/skin conditions before making an appointment,if you require any advice prior to an appointment please contact us or seek advice from your GP** 

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