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Million Dollar Facial

Dermaplaning, Microneedling, Lymphatic Drainage Massage &
Face Mask : 1 Hour 15 Minute £98

Target: - Fine Lines - Wrinkles - Pigmentation - Large pores - Acne scaring - Peach fuzz facial hair Aims To:- Flush toxins - Exfoliate dead skin - Smooths and balances complexion - Enjoy flawless makeup application - Increases absorption of active ingredients by 80% - Increase and stimulate natural collagen and cell turnover - Treat an array of skin types including dry, oily, combination,mature and balanced
Introducing a 10 step unique facial combining Dermaplaning, Microneedling and Lymphatic drainage massage followed by a Million Dollar mask to achieve maximum results

Microneedling Facial

Facial : 45 Minutes £70

Target: - Fine Lines - Wrinkles - Pigmentation - Large pores - Acne scaring Aims To: - Smooth and balance complexion - Improve scaring and smooth uneven texture - Fine lines and wrinkles on the face can be visibly reduced- Increase and stimulates natural collagen and cell turnover - Rejuvenate tired, dull skin and combat the initial signs of ageing. An effective way to rejuvenate skin, treat scars and reduce wrinkles. Using tiny needles on a roller to stimulate fibroblasts within the skin causing theskins cell renewal process to regenerate and repair. As your skin repairs, the production of collagen and elastin is triggered to give analmost immediate plumping effect​


Dermaplaning Facial 

Facial : 45 Minute £42

Aims To: - Exfoliate dead skin - Stimulate collagen synthesis - Diminish fine lines and wrinkles - Enjoy flawless makeup application -Removal of “peach fuzz” hair from your face - Increase the absorption of skincare products - Creates a healthy glow and a radiant complexion - Smooth your skins surfaces enhancing youthful and radiant skin.
A manual cosmetic procedure that exfoliates the top layers of the skin whilst simultaneously removing the soft 'peach fuzz' facial hair using a surgical blade alongside industry leading Million Dollar professional skin care products.

Immaculate Peel Facial 

Facial : 45 Minute £55

Designed to give near immediate results without the downtime often associated with chemical peels. Million Dollar Immaculate Peels have been developed to support improvements to problematic, inflamed, irritated oily or spot prone skin types to help calm, A chemical peel enhances and smoothens the texture of the skin. It is an effective treatment for facial blemishes, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation or problematic skin acne and active pustules. They exfoliate the outer layers of dead skin, revealing a new skin layer with improved tone, texture and colour. The Million Dollar Immaculate Collection contains three medium depth skin peels designed to be used on their own or part of an ongoing treatment program in clinic to help manage issues with uneven skin tone and the ongoing ageing process.

Glow Superfacial

Facial : 45 Minute £55

A luxurious facial combining Million Dollar Vit C10 serum and Ice globes. Vit C10 serum is a powerful antioxidant containing L-ascorbic acid at 10%, which has been clinically proven to help clear free radicals caused by ageing, lifestyle and pollution. These free radicals also damage small blood vessels which carry vital nutrients to the skin. Perfect for concerns of pigmentation, uneven skin tone and age spots leaving skin looking more radiant and your complexion more youthful.

Hydrate Superfacial

Facial : 45 Minute £55

A powerful, high concentration of 15% hyaluronic acid in the HA15 serum. A humectant to attract moisture from the blood vessels into the skin. Suitable for use on all skin types, the serum absorbs quickly to hydrate and keep skin supple. Theactive serum will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst promoting an even skin tone and a youthful complexion. Optimal skin hydration helps to heal and soothe inflammation. Perfect for a skin that is inflamed, sensitive or active.

Dragon Peel Facial

Facial : 45 Minute £45

Boosting skin barrier function, helping to rebalance skin with gentle exfoliating and hydrating properties. Perfect as a substitute for dermaplaning on more sensitive skin types. Visibly reduces the appearance of pores to recover a "porefect" skin texture at any age.
Extract of clover flower is also called an Astringent helping to balance skin and minimise the pores. With a low pH it helps to remove dead skin cells and support cell turnover, tighten pores and reaching a flawless even complexion.


Miracle Mask

Stand Alone Treatment : 45 Minute £55
Miracle Mask & Dermaplaning Facial : 1 Hour £75

This multi-functional treatment is designed to work miracles in one session. Leaving skin tighter, firmer and brighter.

Using the latest peptide technology, this Miracle Mask has the unique ability to: 

- Create micro circulation, 

- Promote collagen 

- Promote elastin 

- Stimulate detoxification. 

Instantly energising the skin, it gives that ‘red carpet look’ 72 hours before any big event in your social calendar.
Immediate results last up to 7 days, post ongoing results with seen with a course of treatments that can be had weekly.
A course of 4 to 6 will see the full benefit of lasting results.

The magic of the Miracle Mask shows the peptides and antioxidants, tighten and firm the skin. This formula stimulates plasma into the deeper levels of the skin in order to enhance cellular renewal. By helping to promote keratinocytes, collagen and elastin, the skin can remove impurities and provide a youthful appearance.

Treatment Enhancing Add On

Power Peptide Mask

Treatment : 15 Minute £10

Add on treatment for the Super Facial or Immaculate Peel treatments. 
Charge your skin from the outside in. Based on innovative technology our Million Dollar power peptide mask's ingredients are reduced into small, ultramicroscopic particles. The tightening firming and suction force of the mask can help gently penetrate the ingredients deeply into the skin. Instantly the active ingredients can reach the dermal layer of the skin to give the most effective results. Combining Niacinamide, copper tripeptides, amino acids, and pearl extracts Power peptide mask will help your skin glow. It will lift firm tighten and brighten the skin health reduce breakouts and pigmentation whilst combining a new age technology of mask treatment delivery.

Add A 10 Minute Scalp Massage To Any Facial  Or Body Treatment For Just £5

**Please consider any health/skin conditions before making an appointment,if you require any advice prior to an appointment please contact us or seek advice from your GP** 

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